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Social programme 2014/2015

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Semester 1 socials

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Doughnuts and Information

Student Union Room 6
18th September, 19:30

Freshers' Pub Crawl

Students' Union bar
26th September, 19:00

Pub Quiz

Lass O'Gowrie
2nd October, 19:30

Murder Mystery Walk

Under University of Manchester Bridge by Blackwells and Starbucks
9th October, 17:30

Skills Night & EGM

Student Union
16th October, 20:00

Ghost Walk

Rear Entry to Town Hall
22nd October, 19:00

Pub Quiz

Lass O'Gowrie
23rd October, 19:30

Cotswolds Exclusive Shop!

Cotswolds (Deansgate)
29th October, 18:30

Gear Repair & Game Night

30th October, 19:30

Bonfire Night!

Platt Fields
5th November, 16:30

Pub Quiz

Lass O'Gowrie
13th November, 19:30

Winter Skills Night

Student Union, Room 7
20th November, 19:00

Ice Climbing

Location to be confirmed
27th November, 18:00
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Ice Skating

McDonalds at Piccadilly
28th November, 17:00


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