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UMHC has a long tradition of running challenges, and we think they’re a great way to test your abilities and gain a real sense of accomplishment when you reach the finish line. For information on our regular challenges, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and the Welsh 3000, as well as a record of all our finishers (since 2012 and 2004 respectively) see below.

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Yorkshire Three Peaks

This classic challenge, first completed in 1887, is run by the club each October and involves walking (or running if you’re that way inclined) 26 miles of Yorkshire countryside, visiting the summits of Pen-y-Ghent (694m), Whernside (736m) and Ingleborough (723m). With 1500m of ascent, it’s certainly not easy, but with 12 hours to complete the full route, starting and finishing in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, most fit and enthusiastic participants will be able to complete the route with time to spare. First run by the club in 2012, Y3P is great preparation for the tougher Welsh 3000 challenge in April but is a fantastic achievement in its own right and is a good opportunity to improve your fitness and practice your navigation skills. But don’t worry, you won’t be on your own as you’ll be part of a group appropriate to your ability with checkpoints to make sure you’re safe and well.

If you’re interested in taking part, stay tuned for emails and put the date in your diary! Listed below are the names of the finishers since 2012.

Click here to have a look at the Yorkshire Three Peaks Route

YearNameTime [h]
2012Tom Davison8.18
2012Hannah Elizabeth8.20
2012Annise Hirst8.20
2012Greg Lusted8.15
2012Jonathan Davey7.17
2012Colin Shaw7.39
2012Min Hopkins11.30
2012Sarah Kertscher11.30
2012Harry Prosser11.30
2013Lee Webster6.45
2013Colin Shaw6.54
2013Andrew Stimson7.45
2013Charlotte Bamber7.45
2013Edward Kenny9.30
2013Harry Prosser9.30
2013Richard Watson9.30
2013Min Hopkins12.00
2013Rachel Turner12.00
2013Jemma Houghton12.00
2013Dean Arksey12.00
2013Markus Arnold12.00
2013Vanessa Macintyre12.00
2013Amanda Murphy12.00
2013Corby Linder12.00
2013Jack Lloyd12.00
2014Matt Tomkins5.30
2014Marco Smolla6.10
2014Dean Arksey6.55
2014Jamie Soul6.55
2014Rob Caldwell9.40
2014Jordan Booth9.40
2014Malte Vesper9.40
2014Henry Ho10.53
2014Wei Hao Tey10.53
2014Ottilie Hankin10.53
2014Manuel Heller10.53
2014Girish Ramesh10.53
2014Phil Magraw11.15
2014Masoud Babaei11.15
2014Peter Neuhaus11.15
2014Katie De Sequera11.15
2014Rebecca Holloway11.15

Welsh 3000's

The Welsh 3000 Challenge involves summiting 15 mountains above 3000ft in under 24 hours, beginning at the top of Snowdon (1085m) and finishing at Foel Fras (942m), having covered 26 miles and ascended and descended 3000m. Along the way you’ll traverse Crib Goch (923m), climb to the rocky summit of Glyder Fawr (1001m), scramble up Tryfan (918m) and conquer Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m). Run every April, this is a long standing hiking club tradition and for good reason, as it’s a fantastic route which you’ll remember for many years after. That doesn’t mean its easy though, as you’ll need to be experienced and skilled in navigation with a good level of fitness. If you want to take part in this challenge, we recommend that you attend some hiking club trips beforehand so we can make sure you’re well equipped for a full day out in the mountains. While the record for the entire route is an unreal 4 hours 19 minutes, the majority of our participants take 14-15 hours. Unlike the record holder, you’ll warm up for the challenge, which is officially timed from the first to the last summit, by walking up Snowdon, and will arrive at the final summit with a few more miles to cover (thankfully downhill). Don’t be put off though, the sense of achievement you’ll get when you finish is more than worth it. Checkpoints are situated at key locations to supply you with food, drink and moral support.

If you are interested in taking part, we run a dedicated evening for the event during Semester 2 with all the information you’ll need, as well as hikes which cover key areas of the route. Listed below are the names of the finishers since 2004.

Click here to have a look at the Welsh 3000's Route

YearNameTotal Time [h]Peak to Peak [h]Notes
2004Mark Eccles19.17  
2004Claire Whyman19.17 14 peaks
2004Catherine Jones20.05 14 peaks
2004Stuart Gilfillan20.05 14 peaks
2005Conan Harrod14.50  
2005Pete Tubby14.10  
2005Ian Simpson14.10  
2005Dave Mason15.25  
2005Jake Thompson16.10  
2005Chris Owen16.10  
2005Dave Morse16.55  
2005Stuart Gilfillan16.55  
2005Andy Fallas16.55  
2006Richard Andrews20.00 14 peaks
2006Hereward Cooper20.00 Approximate
2006Catherine Jones20.00 Approximate
2006John Weeks20.00 Approximate
2007Charles Vincent14.5010.30 
2007Conan Harrod14.5010.30 
2007Ian Simpson14.5010.30
2007James Collingwood18.10  
2007Paul Hoffman18.10  
2007Irish James18.10  
2007Tessa Coulson18.10  
2007Dave Byrne18.10  
2007Thomas Bishop19.45  
2007James O'Dwyer19.45  
2007Kilan Muller19.45  
2007Lubet Gutllaune19.45  
2007Dan Lihou19.45  
2008Daniel Woods19.55  
2008Eddie Credland19.55  
2008Fergus Cullen19.55  
2008Joe Randall20.45  
2008Andrew Elder20.45  
2008Andrew Murdock20.45  
2009Jonny Marsh13.52  
2009David Mackie13.52  
2009Chris Banks14.36  
2009Rob Hudson14.36  
2009Eddie Credland17.03  
2009Jordan Sargeant17.03  
2009Dave Byrne17.30  
2009James Gelling17.30  
2009Dan Woods18.03  
2009Tabitha Brayshaw18.03  
2009Jonathan Davey18.03  
2010Jonathan Davey17.04  
2010Alex Stross17.04  
2010Paul Hoffman14.56  
2010Dave Mollah10.568.59 
2010Tabitha Brayshaw21.05  
2010Fergus Cullen11.58  
2010Jonny Marsh11.58  
2010Laura Evans20.04  
2010Hannah Newcombe20.04  
2010Filip Popovic21.05  
2012Jonathan Davey14.17.4512.00 
2013Matt Tomkins18.08  
2013Colin Shaw18.0814.23.35 
2013Paul Hoffman18.08  
2013Andrew Last18.08  
2013Magda Borkowska18.20  
2014Dean Arksey21.45  
2014Ciaran Mullan21.45  
2014Phil Dawson21.45  
2014Andrew Stimson21.45 
2015Ciaran Mullan10.459.15
2015Andrew Stimson10.459.15
2015Matt Tomkins10.459.15
2015John Proctor14.26 
2015Jake Taylor Jones16.32 
2015Phil Dawson16.32 
2015Julius Mildenberger15.40 
2015Martin Suda13.53 
2015Jamie Soul19.15 
2015Alex Eaton19.15 

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