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The mailing list is where we announce our hikes, weekend trips and socials, and anything else we need to communicate. To join the mailing list, simply type your email address in the box and click Submit. To be removed from the list, select Unsubscribe before you click Submit.

You don't need to be a member to join the mailing lists to come on trips, but it makes them cheaper! Read the Crucial Guide for more information on become a member.

For help, contact

To UNSUBSCRIBE send a blank email to with the subject: unsubscribe from the email account you use to receive our mails.

The mailing list is currently broken, I am attempting the creation of a brand new website to address multiple problems. Until then send an email to the following address and I will add/remove you manually. -Alex

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  • The mailing list archives can be found here.
  • For committee members the committee list archives are here.

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